UO Culture

UO Culture was born as the solution to bring back UO’s old blog site. This new platform connects with users beyond just shopping, as it offers diverse content divided into four different categories for easier navigation. 

Multiple templates were developed for this project, to accommodate all the different types of posts, which include interviews, trends, lookbooks, beauty tips, community articles and more.

As of April 2020, UO Culture only exists in the European site. Click here to the live site.

Role: Site wireframe, layout design, production, VQA

Art Direction - Andrew McQuiston

Creative Direction - James Mackenzie

Executive Creative Direction - Dan Kent

In collaboration with UO's European team for content and production

Three different pages exist within the blog:

1. Landing Page: the main hub of the blog. Here you can find access to highlighted posts and top posts from each category.

2. Category Page: this is where the most recent stories live for each category. 

3. Blog posts: There's two different types of blog posts, editorial and lookbook. The editorial posts are dedicated to copy heavy content like interviews and how to's, while the lookbook posts are dedicated  to photo heavy content like trends. These templates aren't the only ones available, but they work as a basis in which to base all the post.


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