My name is Alex Moncada and I'm an Art Director at Kettle.

A globetrotter, art fanatic, and plant dad, there is nothing better than visiting new museums in new cities, spending Friday evenings at my favorite coffee shops.

I believe that as designers, we should bridge the gap across cultures and knit the world a little closer than how we found it. We have a responsibility to explore the unknown and discover solutions that help others lead a better life.

As a relentless hard worker, earth-conscious, and overarchiever, I’ve let design take control of my life, always wondering... what’s next?

Thanks for visiting my portfolio. If you’re here for recruiting purposes, definitely also check out the great people at the following links. Our industry could certainly use some new perspectives.

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Red Dot: Communication Award Winner

Gold Medalist SCAD Secession

Triple Adobe Design Achievement Award Semifinalist

Dual Adobe Design Achievement Award Semifinalist

SCAD Generate Winner – Unique Category


"FLAMANTES #20 Libro de Artistas"

"My Type: The Art of Calligraphy Reinvented by Illustrators"

"The Next Great Package: Design for Purpose"

Port City Review

Published Article on Logo Design

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