A curated collection of my independent art and design projects, ranging from digital art and motion graphics, to analog creations, involving screen printing and collage.

Pixel Perfect Alphabet

"Pixel Perfect" typeface by Alex Moncada. Download here (2020)

36 Days of Type Poster

"36 Days of Type: 2020" Digital. (2020)

Work featured in "FLAMANTES #20"

"ui_juniors_ded" Print. (2020)

36 Days of Type 2020

"36 Days of Type: 2019" Digital. (2019)

Work featured in "My Type: The Art of Calligraphy Reinvented by Illustrators"

Chocolate Soldier from the Efflorescence series

"Chocolate Soldier" from the Efflorescence Series. Digital. (2018)

Places I've Called Home Screenprint

"Places I've called home " Screenprint. (2019)

Douglas Houth from the Efflorescence Series

"Douglas Houth" from the Efflorescence Series. Digital. (2018) 

Pixel Perfect

"Pixel Perfect: ui or die" Screenprint. (2019)

Art Direction Cover

Art Direction Cover. Collage and Digital Media. (2017)

Haworthia from the Efflorescence Series

"Haworthia" from the Efflorescence Series. Digital (2018)

Jungle Screenprint

"Jungle" Screenprint. (2019)

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