Paradox was an exhibition that illustrated how two cultures combine through their visual language to create imagery that captivates the viewer. It pushed the viewer to understand and explore the idea that various cultures can coexist in harmony. An ephemeral exhibition, but with an effect to be sustained.

It’s all about the intertwining letterforms as a metaphor for harmony that can ultimately be translated into a more cultural sense, thus achieving an educational, informational and inspirational purpose.

Exhibition Design
Motion Graphics

Red Dot: Communication Award 2018 Winner
ADAA 2018 Semifinalist
Gold Medalist SCAD Secession 2018 


An alphabet created by combining both English and Korean. It is readable in both languages to encompass the fact that not only does it have a visual appeal, but it is also able to function. 

brand identity

The logotype developed for the exhibition spells out the word “paradox” in English, but it’s written in a Korean fashion, where instead of having a linear word, the name fits into a square, as it is read from top to bottom and left to right. 

the program

Using Format